Why won´t we visit Mars?

Hi guys!
Because yesterday I saw movie Interstellar I have got an idea! Lets write something about space traveling!

Btw. Interstellar is really awesome movie and I highly recommend you to watch. There are some things that does not make any sense but whole movie is really great, and long (165 minutes).

So, there are some plans to visit Mars (with people), maybe you already heard about it.
First of all: Why should we visit it?
1) Prestige, country which would create this expedition would gain prestige, like with Apollo 11 mission
2) Science, we would gain lot of informations about Mars if people would stay there
Second of all: What are the problems?
1) Radiation, because astronauts would not have ozon layer like on ISS they would get huge amount of radiation from Sun. We would need probably some amazing material or faster plane.
2) Energy, Mars is far away.. which means that you need lot of energy. Yes satelites can get there with solar panels but humans would get too much radiation from that time in space.
3) Food, for half a year there needs to be lot of food for those people.

As you can see problem 1,3 could be solved by faster plane… which would probably rise problem 2.. we would not be able to store so much energy considered to reasonable amount of space.
For me, I would quess that It will take more than 70 years to get somebody to another planet.

If you can come up with another idea, feel free to share it down below in the comments.


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