Apollo missions: Prologue

let´s talk about most famous space missions: Apollo missions!
Those are missions under the program called Apollo which was named after Greek god Apollo (god driving across sky).
This program was started in 1961 but it took six years before first missions (with people) was launched.
Program started in USA while president Eisehower was holding the seat. NASA did not get much money so it took president Kennedy and Gagarin on orbit before they could start some research. It was in time of cold war so there was even greater “fight” between USA and SSSR. When soviet astronaut first appeared on orbit american prestige went down.
BUT lot of people agreed that they should give some money to NASA and Kennedy promised that before next decade there will be human who was on surface of Moon.

And well, in 1969 Apollo 11 really landed on Moon with crew of Buzz, Armstrong and Collins.
Kennedy thought that after landing USA would become the uniting state but actually the effect of landing was not that strong even that it surely was extremely epic.
Anyway next posts I will talk about some missions and than some more, for prologue it is all.


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