Celestia: Ultimate space program

today I will write about really interesting computer program which is called: Celestia
(maybe this sounds like advertisement, it is not).

Celestia is freeware program, completely. It is simulator of Universe, really good one as everything is made in “real” size.

You will start turned towards Earth but in few moments you will learn how to browse whole Solar system and its moons, comets or asteroids. Celestia gives lot of options like slowing and speeding time. You can see orbits of all this stuff which is lying around. Also you can get really easily out of Solar system but without option: Go to object (Sun), I am pretty sure you will get lost in our Milky Way. You can also see other galaxies but of course you can not visit star by star.

Everything is on you to try it, I found it really fun and still I have not used any “add-on” which can give some bonus stuff to this program.



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