Dimensions: Short Expansion

here it comes, here it goes, again seemingly very favorite topic about dimensions. Last time I wrote about imagining higher dimensions and how they work and that we have 3+1 dimensions. 3 are space dimensions and one time dimension. Actually I should have added that there is and option of much more dimensions. Thanks to Joseph from Rationalising The Universe reminding me of this through his post which I recommend you to read.

Fine if you read his post you know that I want to talk about dimensions that can exist in string theory.

So there are two main theories: Theory of Relativity and Quantum theory.
What we know for sure that both are wrong. This is because TOR is not able to predict stuff on small scales and QT on large scales while they are both very good on their fields.
Then there is third guy called String theory. This theory says that on very small scale fundamental particles are one dimensional strings, which mean lines and when you are looking at them “from above” they look like particles.

String theory predicts a lot of dimensions on extremely small scales (check Joseph`s post to read about gravity etc.).
There are two most important ST theories. Boson and Superstring theories. The first one predicts 26 dimensions and second 10, now choose :D.
The thing is that actually for some stuff it is much better to have more dimensions.
Since for me it is so extremely complex I can just advice you for wiki page for start.
Still String theory is just theory as are others and I am totally looking forward to Theory of Everything!

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