Serious problem of procrastination

today again I am leaving the stuff around astronomy to write about something we encounter everyday. This is the matter of procrastination. I feel like everybody knows about it, everybody understands the concept but most people just make jokes about it (some of them are really good).
For this one thanks belong to Cyanide and Happiness.

So first I will try define procrastination with the help of Wikipedia. They say: “Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be accomplished.”

Cool, what does that mean in reality?
This means that you are finding excuses for not doing something or you just do something which is more “pleasurable” than the task which you should be working on.

It seems that at this time when there is internet you can get to procrastination in no time.
So imagine you need to learn something for an exam. You sit in front of computer with your book or sheet of paper with your notes and you are trying to learn something.
The problem is that while you sit in front of your computer which you would not need to use at all, your attention slides more and more to Facebook or whatever thing you forgot to close. This also has to do with multitasking.

Then it reminds that you needed to respond to someone so you do that, your book still lying around. Then you check your email, nothing is there which is OK, you have done another task and it was much easier than learning for next days exam.

Like this it may continue for a long time. You suddenly recall that you met yesterday someone new and you want him in your friends. Then you check news around world, eat some food because it feels as that you are hungry and so on and on.

So what happens is that you delay the most important task which needed to be done. Actually sometimes the other things which you do are not so bad but finally the most important ones are not completed anyway, even if some like taking bin out should take you just a moment.

😀 well so what to do with that? Well actually it is pretty easy at that point when you know when you are procrastinating.
Just do the thing somewhere where there wont be any distractions around. Do not take your smartphone with you. Do not say to yourself that you will do something for some amount of time, because what happens than is that you will just check clocks for most of the time. Just do it exactly the amount of time it needs.

Maybe making list of “things to do” and ordering them by importance can help. If you are procrastinating you can not say that you don’t have enough time since probably most of it you simply waste on the stuff which does not need to be done in your most productive time.


I will surely continue with multitasking.
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