How to! 2) Write with All Ten Fingers

I am away this week but I made some posts forward so there is something new to read. Today I am returning to “How to!” series with writing by ten fingers.

As you have probably guessed, I am writing this with my ten fingers. I write everything like that, not looking at keyboard just checking what I write on the monitor. Why?

It is so much faster, like tremendously. I read somewhere that you are able to write max. 200 characters per minute while using two fingers (this is max, so most people wont even get close to this). In Czech Republic we have a woman who is best in typing with ten fingers and she is able to get on random text 900 characters per minute. I mean this is extreme but you should have no problem to reach about 300 or so. Right now I am on about that 270-300 it depends if I write in English or Czech since in Czech we have about 12 more characters so it is a bit harder.

Another plus is that your eyes do not need to constantly focus on shining monitor and then on keyboard which means that you are not hurting them so much.

I found this page on which you can test yourself on 200/1000 most used words in English. Many times in row I have just been able to reach 60 WPM (words per minute) and 300 correct strokes in one minute.

Now consider learning this, you will always at least impress your friends :D. 

On the picture above you can see how your hands should lay and what keys should they use. You start with left hand on letters “asdf” while right hand on “jklů”. Your thumbs are on space and that is the only place where they will be. Everytime you click a character you must return, do not look at the keyboard, that is the most important thing. I know how you are going to be horrified when you start. Soon you will learn whole keyboard from memory and you will be able to slowly type any character and when it becomes habit you will improve rapidly.

Surely there are lot of programs in English that can learn you this so maybe try to found some. Remember that you should be able to click any character from the ones printed above, especially backspace without looking on the keyboard and/or moving your whole hand.



PS: this post was written on days 27.1 and 28.1.2016