One week of mathematics, #1

So this week I am away in the mountains for some math course with friends from school. I decided to try to write some posts from here on mobile.

Today we arrived thinking that we would maybe be able to go skiing or so but there is almost no snow here so it looks like we will just take some trips in free time.

Whole cottage looks quite good. I am in the room with two random people and they seem to be ok.

Already we took two courses. The first one was pretty boring because the guy was not really good in talking and he did not prepare the lecture very well.

It was abou polynomials which are things as
He started with some theory but it is not worth mentioning since, it was so chaotic I did not know what the hell he was talking about.

Then he gave us some problems which were pretty interesting but sadly I was not able to finish it soon enough before he showed us the answer.

I also trained some dividing one polynomial by other so it was not complete waste of time.

The second one was much better and it was whole about arithmetical and geometrical mean/average.

I learned that:

(X1+X2…+Xn)/n>=SquarerootOfN (x1×x2…×Xn)

This was important formula with which we solved many problems where we usually wanted to prove some inequality. By squareroot of N I mean that N is the base for the squareroot so it is not actually “square” root but rather nroot.

Such inequality equals when all the numbers are same.
After the lecture he said to us some poor joke about neutrino.

We had dinner at 17:00 and right now we have a free time.

Update, that changed we had one more lecture one hour later and it was best so far.

It was about a function which practicly rounded down all numbers.
1.74528 = 1
-5.38452 = -6
When you map out such a function f (x)=[x]
On graph it looks quite interesting kind of stairs.
Later we were counting some equations with it and it was a real fun and now in groups we also have a work for Wednesday, lets see how it works. My smart friends were already able to come up with the solution for first of two problems.


[X] it is how the function is written