One week of mathematics, #5

this is the last day of one week of mathematics. The last one was not about mathematics much because we were leaving about 13:30.

At the morning we were packing some things and we had only one and last lecture. When I saw the guy who was going to present it I was terrified, when I saw that he takes the same presentation again I was terrified even more. He was saying exactly the same stuff as day before, it was about matrices as I said in last post. Half of the people did not heard it but for the rest it was not useful as last time. Whole time I was reading some posts from you guys and also reading some XKCD. Here are the best, all content is from XKCD site and all credit belongs to the creator, Randall Munroe (he has it under 2.5 CC):einstein[1]advent[1]five_day_forecast[1]


Oh, I really love those! Anyway, after lunch we drove home. That is all for one week of mathematics, hope you enjoyed.