Book review 2) The Organized Mind

today I want to do a review of another book I have read. Enjoy reading.

Book: The Organized Mind

Author: Daniel Levitin

Genre: Psychology

Pages: 496

Rating: 10.5/10

Wow this book was so cool. I mean completely astonishing.

In this book Daniel Levitin starts with the concept behind organizing time. I already wrote about procrastination and multitasking, those are the things he is discussing there. He also talks about the organisation of social life and home. Huge part is only about decision making. How when we take decision it takes from us some energy and it does not matter how big this decision is, if it is “What socks should I take?” or “Should we move from town?” He says that the problem is that people make poor decisions because they wasted their energy on “socks decisions”.

There is also huge chapter about illnesses and how we should fight with them in rational way. He pays extra focus on prostate cancer and how even doctors can make mistakes. Last part is about learning children and how we should taught them to think critically most of all. There are parts about Wikipedia and how crowd sourcing is double edged weapon.

Last 100 pages are just citations for all the things he is saying in the book so there is no problem to find the source for any information.

The book is filled with various psychological experiments all of the stuff is perfectly understandable and when you pay just a little attention during reading this book will bring you unforgettable knowledge.