Creationism vs Science: The separation

something like this was not here before. Why did I create such a series now? About week back I started discussion on blog of one Christian. I started with the question “Why can not I feel the existence of Him (the God)?” And then it started, I must say that it was rather peaceful conversation and very friendly and for now it is about 12 word pages with 12 font and normal space between lines, so quite filling. You can find the almost whole conversation here. If you clicked it and searched through you can see that the post itself is just a small part. Roughly there are arguments from the side of science (me) and creationism (her).

Why did I do such a discussion? Well I wanted to know what creationists really say, I talked once with Christian and it was for nothing since back then I knew so much less and I know that if I would suddenly erupt the conversation again it would look as that I am trying to convince her that there is no God, but I do not care much about what they think.

So we started and right now I think that I can make conclusion from the debate

1)It was indeed very interesting. I think that she already done a lot of research since she was able to put hers argument in high numbers. The problem here is that those arguments are kind of old or not understanding the whole concept, if you did not read the discussion here I will pick up some:

On this page there is a lot of them and if you understand just basics, you know that they do not disprove big bang at all:

For example they say that dark matter has not been prove, as I said, this is like 150 years back, because back then this was probably true but not today. It is so simple to look it up on the internet, just write: “Prove for dark matter” and you will get tens of thousands of pages. The problem is that people like to look just on their side of argument. Lets say that I believe in creationism, well I will go on pages like these: 1) 2) 3). All of them are about creation and science that apparently proves it as the pages say. Now there are very good arguments there, somebody who never heard about all the science stuff could so freakin easily believe in creation, I must admit that it so well written with only one side of argument that there is actually nothing else to do than to believe in it!

The problem rises immediately and it is the problem that most people on the world do. If you only look on your side of argument you will always gain evidence for you becoming more and more sure, but is this really what we should do?

As Barack Obama said, people in USA whether they are republicans or democrats tend to look only on the news for their side which makes the gap between both side bigger and bigger creating something what is called extremism (not that I am trying to say she is extremist, I do not even know how much she looked on the “science side”, so I know nothing).

So it does not really matter on what side you are on, what I think is that you should always look on the arguments on the other side and think about them so you know what they think, otherwise it leads just to bigger separation between democrats and republicans or creationists and evolutionists and so on.

This leads to what I will write about in next post in those series: Should we teach creationism alongside evolution?



10 thoughts on “Creationism vs Science: The separation

  1. What you say is true, people do tend to only look for things that support their beliefs and only focus on news that supports their convictions. It’s unfortunate really that we can’t all be better and see things from someone else’s perspective.

    On this topic in particular, I attended a parochial school from kindergarten through 8th grade and was taught Creationism. With the inspiration from a few high school teachers, I took it upon myself to broaden my knowledge and really took to science and evolution. While there may be a higher power, it may not necessarily be a God or other entity. Who’s to say that the energy of the universe isn’t the great creator that many people seek? Or conversely, who’s to say that God didn’t set evolution into motion, but then let evolution take its course?

    It’s my opinion that science (evolution) should be taught in school, while making a side-note of what various religions believe and then leave it up to the students to make their own journey from there. But I think it’s inherently problematic to teach religion’s view of how things came to be, because there are so many different religions with different interpretations on how life works…which are based off of stories and not fact.

    That said, religion tends to cloud the mind and prevents the people from exploring more.
    Relating to Bill Nye’s debate against Ken Ham, Nye said it perfectly when he said, “If we raise a generation of students who don’t believe in the process of science, who think everything that we’ve come to know about nature and the universe can be dismissed by a few sentences translated into English from some ancient text, you’re not going to continue to innovate.”

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  2. hoponacomet says:

    One of the issues of the creationism vs. science debate is that creationists BEGIN with an interpretation of the Bible and then try to fit the science into that framework. Because a literalistic reading of the book of Genesis demands the Earth and universe be between 6,000 to 12,000 years old, there is simply no time for the evolution that we see in the fossil record. And when you read Genesis 1 you read of God creating all things in six days. Creationists refuse to see those days as anything but literal, 24 hour days.

    Science doesn’t begin with some text but with asking questions about nature. And when evidence comes in that is inconsistent with a theory, the theory is either modified or discarded. This gives science a significant edge in getting to the truth. Creationism, unfortunately, assumes the truth before it has any evidence for it.

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  3. Great post – I find any argument which has no degree of flexibility tends to fall over when the right amount of pressure is applied to the right place. Keep on writing! Lots of new stuff coming from me this weekend.

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  4. I wholeheartedly agree with your point. The most powerful thing about the faith that many people hold is the power with which they hold it; but if you are so convinced that your position is correct then you should put your money where your mouth is and challenge your own views. What’s to fear if your position is so completely solid?

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