Creationism vs Science: The concept of God

today I want to write about the concept of God. While this has really really long history and I can not even imagine how many people already thought about this, I am going to write about it from my point of view. Mostly what I learned from the conversation which I mentioned earlier.

So what is going on here? Why God exists in human minds in the first place?

Religious person would say that it is because of God that we think about Him. I mean, it would be a great coincidence that most people throughtout the history would belive in God/Gods even if they never heard about the other culture. There are actually so many religions and all of them (as far as I know, which may not be so far) have some higher being who controls everything.

So either I must admit that there is God because it would be too random otherwise, or think of another argument, why would somebody invent religion and God?

I talked about this with my mum and she said that she thinks that religions appear because people need solution to their problems. With this I agree, take some person 2,500 years back. There are so many things in his life that she or he does not understand. The person is probably some kind of farmer as it usually happened back then and life runs for them while maybe even something interesting happens during those years, something they can not explain with their knowledge which is anyway basicly zero. Well but something actually can explain anything, it is the God. Such a farmer can say that God did it, suddenly he has no more troubles because if something he does not understand happens, he says that God did it and there is no problem with that because God is able to do anything. When some trouble comes then it is easily explained by God and you can pray so that it does not happen again, so religious people actually know so much more than the rest of us do, they have answers to anything.

While this is completely illogical from modern point of view, it seems to me to be a good reason for religions to exist and there are people who still believe in this concept of God, because anything can be explained by it. Take for example my argument against recent creation of Earth:

The fact that there are stars in various stages (proto stars, young stars, stars old as Sun, red giants and supernovas) proves that Universe is much older than 6,000 years old because all of those stages took at least tens of millions years to get to.

Simple as that, this argument seems to me really really strong but actually creationists are able to throw it down in particular way.

What they say to you is that some things were created by God in mature state. What this means is that 6,000 years back there was created: supernova, red giant and new stars as if they never needed to go through all those phases. There is no problem with this because God is ultimately powerful and He is able to do such thing.

What is wrong with this?

This is where falsifiability and testability comes.

When you say that there is God who created supernova so it did not need to “evolve” you will solve it but is it testable? No. You can not test such a thing and what should you think? Think that processes work as we see them now for all the time or that processes worked differently in the past and could even be created from nowhere. When we believe such a thing we add piece that is completely unncesary and it is based only on one ancient book called Bible in which it is written to be truth. So how do we know that it was not 1,000 years or 5 years or that even Universe could have been created last Thursday (this is called last thursdayism) we do not but if we believe in such a thing we wont get anywhere, again I am returning to what I wrote about in last post and that if we teach creationism as truth in schools (while I think that we should at least mention its concepts), we wont get anywhere.

So does God exist? We do not know, it is simple as that. We know that creationism is wrong as I will probably proof in some future posts but science just can not say anything about God. Maybe He exists but right now it does not really seem that He has some real effect on our life, if the effect is that we have a Bible than He is being pretty manipulative.

I will also get to arguments by people who say that God is true because they can feel His existence and also near death experiences, though it will probably take me some time since I do not want to have a lot of such stuff on my blog and I will return to some astronomy and a real science.







4 thoughts on “Creationism vs Science: The concept of God

  1. Good post.

    Maybe God is a single, all powerful being that is ever-present in our daily lives. Maybe God put the Big Bang into motion and let the universe play out as it is. Maybe God is the energy of the universe. Maybe God is different to each and every person. Who’s to say? It’s tough because it’s something that can never be proved or disproved.

    But what is on display is that humans are, by their very nature, inquisitive beings that need order and desire things to be classified. So when there is a drought, a thunderstorm, a bountiful harvest, et al which defies any reason for it to have happened, we search out and grasp at any straws that might fit the reason. God (or many gods) most likely evolved from this need to find an answer to unknown events. Why are we here? Why did XYZ happen? The simple, and easiest answer to most of these questions is “because it’s what God wanted.” And there is safety in creationists citing the Bible as the end-all, be-all of their argument. Namely, that argument requires no actual fact or evidence to back it up, and everything can be similarly and ultimately explained away by saying, “because God said so.” But this is just a type of logical fallacy.

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  2. hoponacomet says:

    I think it was Christopher Hitchens who said that religion was humanity’s first and worst attempt to explain the world. I tend to agree. As Mike M pointed out, primitive humanity sought answers for the natural phenomena they encountered. Something powerful, someone powerful must be behind it all.

    We shouldn’t begrudge them of their worldview given that the tools we have available to us were not even on their radar. (Nor was radar!) But in today’s climate, the simplistic answers offered by Young Earth Creationists is a slap in the face of the progress science has made. I’m (somewhat) okay with theistic evolutionists and Christians who understand that religion should be made to fit with science and not vice versa, but people like Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, John Morris, and others who insist we not only create science in their image but we deny some its findings are absolutely asinine and disgraceful.

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