Book review 12) Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone

I have read this book already in Czech and heard it many times on audio and I have seen the movie couple of times. Now in Germany I have finished it in German so I decided to leave it a review here. Of course everybody knows Harry Potter so I will make it little bit different.

Rant against Qudditich.

Despite the fact that the game is awesome, its rules do not make any sense. The obvious part is the snitch which gives 150 points and ends the game. There is no point in catching the snitch if the difference between your team and the other one is more than that. Viktor Krum in the national game in the Goblet of Fire for example, catches the snitch and they lose, good job 😀

Rant against Defence against Dark Arts.

While whole Harry Potter series shows us extremely low number of spells which part of are completely useless, Defence against Dark Arts is the best joke. Most of the time they are actually learning about some random creatures and how to fight with them or what is their weakness (this is not what happens in Philosophers Stone) while in 6th year you will learn how to apparate anyway, which is basicall,y how you can escape anything. There might be something said in the upcoming movie about magical animals so we might find out that it is actually useful a bit.

Rant against other stuff.

Somebody killed unicorn, very strong animal which is extremely fast and its blood has unique attributes. What are we going to do? Send bunch for 1st year students, dog and guy who is not allowed to do magic!
Did Hermione, Harry and Ron really thought that it is good idea to go after Snape/Quirell? They must have known that teacher would be able to wipe them out in matter of moment from the Earth’s surface.
The points for the Cup kind of lost most of its meaning after Harry, Hermione and Ron getting 160 points and next year Ron and Harry getting each 200, people would really hate Dumbledore for doing this (not mentioning the 250 in 5th year).
Quirell could use Avada Kedavra on Harry right when he came to the mirror instead of talking about stuff. Or use Legilimence or use Imperius to get the information, not so hard really..

I like this book still of course, though I have read or seen it so many times that I just can not unsee some paradoxes that are there.


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