nobody expected it and yet it happened, nobody has foreseen it and yet it was inevitable, nobody cares and yet I am here once again!

After 5 months, three seasons of Rick and Morty, 2 weeks in CERN and bunch of other stuff, I have returned to strike back with an epic post full of me talking about how I came back while wishing I will write another post after this one.

Now I feel a bit stupid, I have this work that I have to do this semester about GPS. It turned out to be quite complicated and one of the import theoretical facets of my work was to find out how GPS chips differ in various phones. I was googling and googling the phrase “gps chip in mobile” with the false assumption that there is a special chip like that. While gps chips do exist, they are a bit different thing than what I had in mind (costing lets say 150$ or whatever, ready to be implemented to something you build by yourself).

Apparently processors in phones take care of that, like the Snapdragon series, you can find all of the info here.

Everything on one page and I am complete… my final work is not though. It will still require huge time investment and sleepless nights!


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