First experience with hammock


I want to share my experience with sleeping in a hammock for the first time.

So I got hammock for my birthday among other things. After finding some cords to tie it to trees I realized that it will be best to try sleeping in it. Since it is almost November and I happen to live in northern hemisphere, it can get close to 0 degrees (no, not Fahrenheit you dummy). Luckily there seems to be subreddit for anything, including hammocks (or also Flying Whales), one can get some tips there quite easily.

So the pluses after 2.5 nights where one was rainy are: it is extremely comfy, no need to watch out for boughs or stones on the ground, you just need trees. Hammock is very easy to pack and unpack saving ton of space. On the other hand your butt will get cold, I am considering under-quilt which is basically sleeping bag that wraps under the hammock. So far I found it also difficult to find the right trees to be also able to set up the roof but it might just take a little bit more experience to have the right estimate for the separation of the trees.




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