About me

who am I? I am fifteen sixteen seventeen years old student, writing about science.

How did I come to do this? Well, it has been almost year two three years since my mom sent me a link to a page about learning physics. There has been a sentence about creating your own blog, I did that and it was the best thing that I have done in my entire life (it was very important).

Check it out here, it is pretty cool, with well over 200 posts I already covered so many topics that your head will explode from the knowledge (edit3: the earlier post are actually extremely bad).

Right now I am posting once a day week if there are no problems, if you do not know what to read check out these featured posts: New prime number, What is the color of the Universe?, Solar sails and also if you like those, check out my page about all the series that I have written (edit3: it is extremely outdated and I don’t feel like expanding it).
Edit1: This page has been updated 16.2.2016.
Edit2: And again on 16.1.2017
Edit3: And again on 19.3.2018

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