All kinds of extreme nuclear explosions

you surely remember Nagasaki and Hiroshima, probably not personally though at least from school.

Before and after at the place of explosion in Nagasaki

The amount of energy released by Little Boy (that is the bomb), was 63 tera Joules.

This is the same amount of  energy that would be released by annihilation 0.35 grams of any matter and antimatter.

This could sound like a small value but look again on the picture above, such an energy is able to wipe out entire city.

Now just take a moment to think how disastrous would be if we were able to create actual antimatter bombs. Remember your cat from last post? It weights roughly 4.5 kilograms. Now imagine that it would collide with the cat of your neighbor (accidentaly your neighbor somehow manages to hold antimatter cat). The amount of energy released would be about 1/100 of the energy used by USA every year.


Those are the cats that are flying towards each other creating huge explosion

This does not sound so impressive but now you must realise that the explosion would be equivalent to almost 26 Little Boys.

The graph that shows the power of explosions, Hiroshima is pretty small compared to largest nuclear test ever: Tzar Bomb.

Now there were other kinds of tests and the most violent, by SSSR was Tzar bomb.


Tzar bomb had the energy of 210 peta joules.


This is a lot. It had weight of 27,000 kilograms and its type was thermonuclear weapon.

It is estimated that the energy is 10 times the energy combined of all explosives in WWII.
It was actually planed to have it two times stronger but they realised that the airplane would not have a time to escape.

The fireball from the explosion did not touch a ground because of the shockwave.

The mushroom cloud was even 95 kilometers tall and at base 40 kilometers wide.

It was so powerful that it was possible to get 3rd level burns even 100 kilometers from the site of explosion.

Tsar photo11.jpg


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