Choking black holes

people usually think about black holes as objects that will put end to anything near them tearing it apart and swallowing it for ever.

Part of this is actually true but black hole may have a problem with this because of Eddington limit.

So just a few sentences about black holes, it is collapsed massive star. There is event horizon around it and it is the region from which the escape velocity is equal to speed of light, if you cross it, you are doomed.
Astronomers observe black hole choking on a Star
Around black holes accretion disk may create. Accretion disk is disk composed of any matter (usually some hydrogen or maybe pieces of comets or asteroids). It is heated through friction and it rotates in high speeds around the black hole.

There is lot of radiation created in this process. If the object around which it rotates is smaller, some infrared radiation will be emitted. While black holes or neutron stars may emit even x-rays.

This radiation is stronger the more matter is falling into the black hole. At one point there is so much radiation that the matter will be blown away from the black hole (or star or neutron star) resulting in decrease of the radiation. When it decreases the matter will fall back to the object (not all of it) and again there is tremendous amount of radiation released, then it continues.

Every time there is tremendous loss of matter. This is for example the explanation for one star named on “c” (cygnus or something) which was losing matter sometimes in great amounts which could not be solar wind but it was this choking and exceeding of Eddington limit.

Eddington limit or luminosity is the top border for luminosity of star since if it exceeds this limit it will start to choke as I described earlier. This limit varies from object to object and it also depends on the material on which it is choking. For example if it is helium instead of hydrogen, the limit is much higher since helium is heavier element.

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