How to! 3) Sail against wind

if you have ever been on a sailing boat you know this one. How can you sail against wind without using paddles when the force will move you back? There is a way, and it is pretty neat!

Below you can see the picture of boat which is pushed by wind, but what if it wants to go up? There is way called: crossing.

How to! 3) Sail against wind

Below you can see how boat can move to up and left. Here the wind is shown by these brown arrows. Blue arrows are friction from water. The thing is that when the sail is like this, wind is trying to push it mostly to left. Have you ever tried to push boat from one of the sides? It is way harder then pushing it from front or back, this is because you need to push the great amount of water that is right behind the boat and also because of friction. So the boat has one more way to go and that is forward, amazing.How to! 3) Sail against wind2

If your destination is actually right against the wind you can do the same every once a while but on the other side so you are “crossing”, making your way longer but still effective.

Picture of how the sails must be turned so you can sail in desired direction, you can see that there is a direction in which you can not sail but by changing the direction you can achieve the same thing.