One ghost is not enough

Hi guys!
This is just a short post about a game which I created.
It is called One ghost is not enough (you will get it when you play it).
Here is dropbox link for it:

It is completely spam and virus free (still, it depends if you believe me). I made it in freeware program called Game Maker.

You are ghost which is trying to escape crystals. There are various levels but i recommend to play them in order.
Thanks to those who try it, I appreciate some comments below.
PS. next post will be again on science

Hello world!

Hi guys,

This is my first post and I would like to tell something about myself.
Firstly, I am not native speaker. Actualy, I am from Czech Republic (Central Europe) and I am fourteen years old. The reason for me to write this blog in english is that I would like to train my second language.

Secondly, I came to this page because of this page: I love physics, computers and books. That is the topic I want to write about on this blog.

Thirdly, I heard that blog learns you something if you write it longer time so that is third reason I am doing this. Well, for now that´s about it.