What is the color of Universe?

today I want to write about the average color of the Universe.

The average color of the Universe is not black. I mean, when you look at the sky in night it seems that there is black everywhere, but that is actually no color. When we speak about color we say that something is red, that means that it reflects red light.

Right, light, but when there is nothing shining it does not have any color because it can not reflect anything.

The average color of the Universe was found in 2002, year before the same team discovered the color which you can see below but it was corrected several months later because there was mistake in the software.

So how do you find such a color? Well you take the color we see of various galaxies and stars and so on and make the average of all the photons wavelengths creating the color which you can see below:

This color gets redder over time as there are more red stars in the Universe. In RGB this color is: 255,248,231.

Meet the color of the Universe, Cosmic Latte.


Those two color were taken from here.

PS: Next week there wont be practicly any posts since I will be away learning some math.