Peak-end effect

I was struggling what to write about today but finally I looked into my notes where all previous ideas for posts hide and I decided to write about peak-end effect which is something I have read about months ago though even today I think about it as something really cool. (Uhh, one sentence)

Important cognitive bias!

I found peak end when I was reading the book Organized Mind (or was it in Thinking fast and slow?). There was experiment described:

There are people in experiment. For one minute they will put their hand into bucket of water with 10°C (which is pretty cold and it hurts).

After one minute they will warm they hand back and then it continues. Another minute in bucket of 10°C water and then 30 seconds in the same bucket but with temperature secretly rised to about 12°C (you can feel the difference).

Now they asked them if they would rather repeat the first part which means one minute in 10° or the second (1 minute 10° and 30 seconds 12°) (in the original experiment the temperature may be different)

Well what would you do? Both hurt but the second clearly hurts more because it is exactly same but with another 30 seconds in which your hand will get even colder. It is clear that anyone outside the experiment would choose the first option but most if not all subjects chose the second because of peak end.

As Kahneman says, the people chose the second one because they liked the memory of it better.

The mind tends to remember ends of events and also the peaks which means both up and downs. In the experiment people remembered that the water was a bit warmer in the END so they wanted to repeat it.

Of course you can transform this situation into your life. For example I often rate my life from 0-10 points, how much I am satisfied with what I am doing here. Now every time I do it I remember how much I am influenced by the last events, the END and how much by the PEAKS (bad and good school reports, girl relationships and so on).

So yes, I think that people often make statements by the peak-end rule saying things like “my life sucks” and so on though it can influence your life in the other way, so that you think everything is fine while it may not be.

Also remember that effects like this are used by companies. It is very easy for hotel or for some holiday organization to make your feelings better when they satisfy you in the end of your visit.







1) Thinking, Fast and Slow: Two systems

Hello there!
I am now reading really amazing book which is called Thinking, fast and slow. It is by Daniel Kahneman who has got nobel prize for economy. It is absolutely amazing so when I want to read I am not sure if I should rather read Game of Thrones or this one. Well, It is so good that I will even write what I learned from it.

It is about thinking: People think in two different ways using two different systems: 1 and 2.
When you are using system 1 you are acting without you even noticing.
But using system 2 you are probably solving some more serious problem and your mind is awake.
System 1 is in use always, he is really good in telling you if something is going on, what are people around you doing and it can alert system 2. example, when you look on the picture your system 1 does many things without need of energy. You see that this person is angry on someone and it is probably saying something bad (I am nearly citating the book). This is what your brain does almost always and this way is prejudice also created so system 2 (you) should check decisions of system 1. Problem is that system 2 is usually lazy.
When it comes to using of system 2 you will use it when I give you this question: How much is 17×28? You probably needed to stop on a while because system 1 realised that he does not know, only thing he can say is that it is larger than 200 and smaller than 800. Then system 2 starts to count it.
Many physical things will happen to you like sweeting or higher pulse. If you have good working memory it wont take you a long time to do it from head, it  is 476.
Well this was just a start so maybe next time I will continue.