Apollo missions: Apollo 7

Before I start to talk about Apollo 7 I will try to explain why I skiped 2,3,4,5,6.
The reason is that before Apollo 1 there were not piloted missions: AS-201, AS-202 and AS-203 and they were renamed to Apollo 1A (wifes of dead astronauts did not wish to Apollo 1 name be used again), Apollo 2, Apollo 3 so next not piloted mission was called Apollo 4.

So just briefly: Apollo 4 was mission for test of heat shield.
Apollo 5 test of lunar modul on the orbit of Earth.
Apollo 6 second test of rocket Saturn V, there was problem in starting of third level of rocket so it had to land which was done without any problems.
Apollo 7 mission started 11th October 1968 and it was long about 11 days. It was first piloted mission which was completed in the program Apollo and also first which was seen in the TV.
Again there were three men: Walter Marty Schirra who was captain and this was his third mission, he is only astronaut who was in Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs.
There was Donn Fulton Eisele and this was his first flight. And Walter Cunnigham (also first flight).

This mission was for the test of two new sections in the rocket and it was under way without any major problems. This mission was extremely important after catastrophe almost two years before.

There were couple of experiments running.
1) Scanning of Earth for geology, meteorology, hydrology.
2) Change in astronauts bones: there was less calcium.
3) Change in astronauts blood count (how much white and red blood cells there is in blood)
4) Blood pressure

While everything happened well enough there were some arguments between astronauts and between guys on Earth, that concluded into Donn´s and Walter´s ban for another missions.
Also even that all of them had their favorite food they had problems with it because it was too sweet and caloric and also all of them got flu on this mission.Posádka Apolla 7 (zleva: Eisele, Schirra a Cunningham)

163 turns around Earth were made


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