Go, ultimate strategic game

I bet that the name of the game is not read as “go (walk)” since it is from Japanese. Yesterday my brother linked me to article about a computer program that was for the first time able to beat the best Go player in the world.

Not this Go.

The name of the program is AlphaGo created by Google. There were four separate matched and four of them Alpha won. The one won by Mr. Lee lasted 5 hours!

In the game you have got an area 19×19. There are two players, white and black. Your goal is to surround the other player and wipe out his tokens. The player with biggest territory wins.

This game is from Japan and its history goes more than 3,000 years back.

{it is} something unearthly . . . If there are sentient beings on other planets, then they play Go.
– Emanuel Lasker, chess world champion

The game is pretty fun to play, though it may take a longer time to finish when playing on the standard 19×19 board. On this online site you can join for free to the playing community. There is huge rank system so when you are good, you can fight against strong players.



The Game

because I was in Finland I could not write anything but today, I am returning with monstrous post! About…. The Game!

Probably you have never heard of it but it is the most played game in the world because everybody is playing it.

It is mind game which you will lose when you think about it, so you and me and other readers just lost because I wrote this sentence!
Now all of us have thirty minutes before we can play again. 

Nobody is really sure how and when was this game created. One story says that two guys had to wait through night on train station and they were trying not to think about the train so they finally made this.
There are no official rules, actually there are versions in which you will play in the moment when you are not thinking about it or that there is only one way to win and it is hearing the pope, prime minister of England or queen saying that they won/lost.

There are two strategies either not thinking about game or thinking about it as often as possible, so you can say to others that you just lost.

Here is official page about The Game.


One ghost is not enough

Hi guys!
This is just a short post about a game which I created.
It is called One ghost is not enough (you will get it when you play it).
Here is dropbox link for it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qb27f1v3fime9gn/One%20ghost%20is%20not%20enough.exe?dl=0

It is completely spam and virus free (still, it depends if you believe me). I made it in freeware program called Game Maker.

You are ghost which is trying to escape crystals. There are various levels but i recommend to play them in order.
Thanks to those who try it, I appreciate some comments below.
PS. next post will be again on science