YFU meeting

if you read my blog frequently you may remember that I said HERE that I am going to Germany for one year! It is with the organisation YFU and this weekend I was on the meeting before the flight (train in my case).

As you may have guessed, this was the reason why I was not answering comments or reading any posts. I will try to catch up though I can not promise that I will read all of your stuff.

There were people from all around Czech Republic and also kids (some older than me) who were just before leaving for home.

It was for three days and after some games we were generally discussing some expectations from the year, fears, how we should behave in the host family, what we should watch out for (culture shock was very discussed issue). In free time we were playing voleyball since it was kind of nice weather except Sunday.

Though I did not meet anyone interested in astronomy particularly I found people listening to similar kind of music. It was quite cool to get to know so many new people.

From all the students I am planning to visit one of the closest countries. Of course there are some other kids who want to go to Austria and one girl for Germany but than as one would guess there is huge interest in USA, Latin America and more west generally. I will be leaving Czech in 21st August or something like that. This does not mean that I will stop writing blog, not at all, it may some time happened that I just leave some posts simply because I will be overhelmed. Also I will be going for summer camp which I am very much looking forward but since it is roughly 2 weeks there wont be many posts. (The number depends on how much I will work now.)


PS: there was question about VIIIB group in periodic table, I will answer it as soon as I can.

My exchange program to Germany

today I will write about my exchange visit to Germany with the organisation called YFU (Youth For Understanding).

I signed to YFU few months ago. After I was in our capital city for talk with their people I got message that I am accepted, cool! Next school year I will be in Germany living with some family which they will find for me. I am really looking forward to it. Mostly I want to learn German because I do not think that in our school the classes are so good.

I hope that I will not only learn some of their language but I will meet so many new people! There is so much stuff to learn and I am really happy they chose me. Otherwise right now I am filling in some forms so they can find me the family.

If some person is right now reading this and she or he is in the age when they should decide if to go or not to go for such a program, definitely say yes, while I did not attend to it yet, I was one year already in USA and it is something you will never ever regret, there is nothing to loose, really.