Tug of war: How to win it!

last time I was writing about tug of war and how dangerous it is. In lot of people the rope may snap doing lot of damage. Also even without snaping participants may get severe burns and not only on hands. Today I will talk about the bright side of this game and how you should play it if you want to win. It is actually very interesting and I bet that most people do not use these simple rules.

Tug of war is the game in which you are trying to pull the other team over some line.

Some experience players.

It might seem that having the best muscles will win the game but actually it is only small part.

One important part is to be able to stay on one position. There are two things that will help you with this: friction and weight.

This makes sense because it will be difficult to pull huge stone on rough surface. Actually small kid will be better off with spikes on shoes than you with big muscles on very slippery ice. But muscles are still good for being able to hold well to the rope.

There is one important thing that you want to do.. you want to dig your shoes into the ground. This increases friction because what else is friction than the dirt that is connected by roots which must be ripped apart by your enemies.

So yes it is very good to be heavy and have the proper technique of digging into ground.

Also if you have players with different heights it is best to have the smallest at the end, this is because otherwise the tall players at the end will pull the small players up and disabling them in the game. You need to find the proper angle. If you get too low you wont be able to dig enough into the ground or it will be worse to hold the rope.. this effect is very strong when you are in hall and you need whole area of your shoes lying on the floor.

If you get too much high it will be much easier to turn you over and you wont be able to use your weight so much.

That is all I can come up with, make sure to create your own team, but choose the rope wisely (the best players are able to hold about 1.5x their mass)!


Why do formulas look like this?

today I want to explain the formula cars and why they look like how they look like, because they have something very special, upside down wings!

Wow, ok, what is that? Well in the picture above you can notice two particular parts which you would not maybe expect when driving as fast as possible since they make the friction with air higher.

There is one infront of the car and one behind it. It is turned towards the motion of the car so that the air pushes the car back and down.

I could seem that it is not very efficient and that it only slows the driver, but lets see the physics behind it!

Formulas have one problem, they have to slow down in curve. Why? Well if they would not slow down it would throw them out of it because of the cars inertia (not centrifugal force). At the same time the driver wants to drive as fast as possible to finish the race first. When he is driving in the curve the only thing that holds him in place is the friction from tires, here it has the role of centripital force and the equation for friction is:


Where N is the downward force and f is the ratio between asphalt and tire. To get the highest possible centripetal force, or friction here, you need to have bigger N.


You would have big N if you would have heavy car but you do not want to have that since it would slow you a lot in straight line. So you put on your car those wings and it looks like this:


The brown arrow is the direction in which the formula drives. Blue arrows are the flow of air this pushes the black part down (red arrow) and little bit back. The simple blue arrow shows where the air goes afterward.

This red arrow helps the car stay on the road because it does not fly away thanks to this even in high speeds, otherwise you would have to slow down because of the inertia.



How to! 3) Sail against wind

if you have ever been on a sailing boat you know this one. How can you sail against wind without using paddles when the force will move you back? There is a way, and it is pretty neat!

Below you can see the picture of boat which is pushed by wind, but what if it wants to go up? There is way called: crossing.

How to! 3) Sail against wind

Below you can see how boat can move to up and left. Here the wind is shown by these brown arrows. Blue arrows are friction from water. The thing is that when the sail is like this, wind is trying to push it mostly to left. Have you ever tried to push boat from one of the sides? It is way harder then pushing it from front or back, this is because you need to push the great amount of water that is right behind the boat and also because of friction. So the boat has one more way to go and that is forward, amazing.How to! 3) Sail against wind2

If your destination is actually right against the wind you can do the same every once a while but on the other side so you are “crossing”, making your way longer but still effective.

Picture of how the sails must be turned so you can sail in desired direction, you can see that there is a direction in which you can not sail but by changing the direction you can achieve the same thing.