Book review 8) The Picture of Dorian Gray

today I will do another book review, this time not very scientific book but otherwise very good one, the novel by Oscar Wilde. Also I was nominated for Liebster Award but it wont fit in this post so I will probably do separate one.

Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

Genre: Philosophical fiction

Pages: 165

Rating: 9.5/10

The Picture of Dorian Gray is dark classical novel with an amazing idea that may left you shivering.There is also amazing scene where chemistry is involved (they are getting rid of dead body 😉 )

So this is story of young man who as you probably guessed is walking by the name Dorian Gray. He is quite handsome, apparently innocent and unspoiled by the modern society. (The story takes place in late 19th century England). In the first chapter Basil Halward who is painter, talks to Henry Wotton who later becomes Dorian’s best friend. He describes Dorian and says that he is inspired by him for his artwork.

Basil soon finishes portait of Dorian, it is definitely his best work which becomes somehow deeply connected with Dorian.

As the story advances Dorian’s personality changes. He is greatly influenced by Henry and his world views, when he does something he soon forgets and one of his mottos is not be disturbed by things that happened in the past and actually completely ignore them.

I really liked the idea in this book. The only thing that I think could be different was the time lay out. When the story starts, it describes day by day but then after one act there is big jump about 13 years later. I do not know why but it kind of destroys the first part of the book. The end follows few weeks or months and I would probably like it more if it was not jumping so much. It could even be thicker so the change in Dorian’s personality would be even more graduall.


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