Book review 6) The Road


Last Sunday I finished book: The Road, this was the first book I was able to finish in my dead-line which is one week per book, and wow:

Book: The Road

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Genre: Post-apocalyptic sci-fi

Pages: 287

Rating: 10/10

The Road is novel which is about father and boy. It is post-apocalyptic, it is not said what happened but there must be lot of dust in the air because they can not see the Sun and snow is falling grey, also there are trees falling often.

Father and son are trying to get to the south shore of USA. Cities are abandoned, there is not much food and they need to dodge “bad people” how the son calls them.

It is very interesting that in whole book their names are not mentioned, it is narrated mostly through fathers point of view and the son calls him “papa”.

When they are talking to each other it is not usually written who says what and this has very interesting effect, I will quote one of the conversations (There is no main spoiler, it just says what problems they have):

What is it? the man said.


We’ll find something to eat. We always do.

The boy didnt answer. The man watched him.

That’s not it, is it?

It’s okay.

Tell me.

The boy looked away down the road.

I want you to tell me. It’s okay.

He shook his head.

Look at me, the man said.

He turned and looked. He looked like he’d been crying.

Just tell me. We wouldnt ever eat anybody, would we?

No. Of course not.

Even if we were starving?

We’re starving now.

You said we werent.

I said we werent dying. I didnt say we werent starving.

But we wouldnt.

No. We wouldnt.

No matter what.

No. No matter what.

Because we’re the good guys.


And we’re carrying the fire.

And we’re carrying the fire. Yes.


The book has very interesting effect on you. As you read it and the characters walk on the Road you will find yourself extremely thrilled to what will come, and it is really worth it.