1) Triangles: Prologue

Hi guys,
i am starting new row of posts from mathematics. (Of course I will also do fundamental forces.)
I would like to talk about triangles.

So they are geometrical objects with three edges and three vertices.
Triangle illustration.svgThere are many kinds of triangles because you can have different angles at vertices and your edges are different length. All of these properties fall under some rules. For example if you add up alpha, beta and gama angles you will always get 180 degrees.
Equilateral kind of triangle is special one because its sides are the same lenght with 60 degrees angles. Equilateral Triangle

Isosceles are those with same lenght of two sides and scalenes are those that are kind of chaotic because their sides or angles are not equal to others.
There are also kinds with one angle with 90 degrees. Then there is type of triangle with all angles smaller than 90 and, one with one angle bigger than 90.

There are similarities between triangles  if they meet some conditions.
First kind of condition is called SAS = side angle side
It means that if in one triangle has two sides and angle between them coresponding to second triangle´s sides and angle with same length (for sides) and measure (for angles) it is similar.
ASA = angle side angle
two angles “touching” side corresponding to second triangle
SSS = side side side
AAS = angle angle side
only one angle touching side

Sorry guys for this short and boring post, i just wanted to say this before i start to talk about trigonometric functions which are kind of my favourite.