Videos to watch

since it has been some time since I started to watch great amount of videos on YouTube I realised that I could make the list of best things to see there. If you are strugling what to watch, trust me, I saw hundreds of videos and those are the best of all:

Videos from VSauce [1].

Videos from Veritasium [2]

Videos from Smarter Every Day [3]

Videos from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell [4]

Other videos from various channels:

I will try to update this list as often as I can.

[1]VSauce is one of the best science channels out there. But it is not normal science channel featuring new discoveries but rather more featuring questions about us humans, like why we do get bored, are if we will ever run out of music and so on. Those videos are usually longer, lately Michel Stevens has been uploading 20 minute videos but that does not make the worse at all, he has probably the most popular science channel on YouTube with almost 10,000,000 subscribers.

[2]Veritasium is from a guy named Derek Müller and it is a whole another level compared to average physics videos. Derek teaches in particular way, showing us that we have misconceptions about basic stuff and then explaining with beautiful experiments why it is the way it is.Lately he has been uploading videos about personality and so on.

[3]Smarter Every Day is a channel by Destin Sandlin. This is kind of very practical channel also with many experiments and also lot of slow motion. He is an engineer and he is videos are simply amazing.

[4]German guys creating beautiful animated videos are masters in their roles. You will get totally blown by their animations and cuteness of those little birds which will sometimes appear on screen. Their videos are about all kind of science and they make one video per month (motto: quality>quantity).