Book review 7) No Country for Old Men

today I will continue with the book that I finished last week, it is another McCarthy’s novel.

Book: No Country for Old Men

Author: Cormac McCarthy

Genre: Neo-western, thriller

Pages: 309

Rating: 9/10

This has been special experience since it was my first book of such genre. It is novel that meets its purpose, to be: thrilling, bloody and unique.

The story starts when guy named Moss finds $2.4 million when he goes hunting. From this event on, the story speeds up and as the events take turn. There are more and more victims of this “innocent” act because somebody wants the money back and he is willing to do it in the “hard way”.

There are other character paths alongside Moss, those are Anton Chigurh who is the hunter that is trying to get the money and Ed Tom Bell, the sheriff who has to protect Moss but at the same time he is always step back.

I think that you wont regret it and read it in one breath as me. Though I must say that in the end, there were some to me unnecesary parts that were not very important for the main story.