Vacuum decay and Trump

today I want to do a fun post inspired by a meme that I saw some weeks ago on Theoretical Physics Memes. Well here it is:

If you dont understand the joke, its alright, I will explain. If you do understand the joke you can continue reading for the sake of… reading?

Disclaimer: I have not been using disclaimers before but the truth is I am no physicist so I do not claim to actually comprehend this stuff.

So vacuum decay or also false vacuum is the idea that you could die any second. (See I am no physicist)

Basically fields (meaning electromagnetic and other types) want to get into the lowest energy state possible. Also electrons rather like lower energy states to be more stable so, if they have more than they “need”, they will radiate it away in form of photons. Now it is assumed that these fields are either in stable position (lowest energy level) or they might be in metastable position[1], which means that there is energy barrier between the metastable level and stable, if it is “reached over” and the field drops into lower stable or again metastable level it will release energy.

If we were in false vacuum[2] we would just need to reach over the hill to get to true one.

Since particles arise from these fields some new types would appear and Universe in this place would look a bit different inside. The reason why this is connected to the discovery of Higgs Boson is that the mass that it has indicates that we may live in false vacuum, if our physics is right than we could die any moment since the false vacuum is expanding almost at the speed of light.. means we can not know if it is coming on us or not, which also means that you do not need to worry really.

Now you understand the joke though if you are Trump supporter than you do not find it very funny in which case I pity you because it is great joke 😉 [3]


Pic. source: By User:Stannered – Adapted from en:Image:Falsevacuum.png, CC BY 2.5,

Post source mostly.

[1]They can also be in unstable position but not for long.
[2]The name false vacuum has nothing to do with the vacuum of space.
[3]Proper explanation: it is so bad that Trump is elected, I hope that Universe will end soon, oh hmm.. what is the probability of it happening?


What is the point with observable Universe?

I already mentioned in one post how freaking big is the place where we life (the Universe). And in the end of the post I mentioned something about observable Universe. So well what is that?

So observable universe is a sphere and its center is Earth, or rather your head so you are in your own observable universe.

This is area that is possible to observe right now since the places outside of this sphere are too far away, their light did not have time yet to reach us.

The diameter of such sphere is 93 giga light years. The reason for this is that as the light left some place and traveled towards you the space expanded making the path longer and thanks to this we are able to see much farther away.

There is another thing called Hubble sphere. It is the area beyond which we will never be able to observe because the stuff there is traveling faster than the speed of light, or rather to make it accurate.. the space between you and outside of Hubble sphere is expanding so fast the light can not get through it.

Actually it can since your Hubble sphere is expanding too and the stuff from first 5 billions years is seen due to this expansion of Hubble sphere.

Actually Hubble sphere is smaller then observable Universe.

Confusing? Watch this video.