Book review 13) Dangerous women

Dangerous Women 2013-1st ed. cover.jpg

when I was on winter vacation I finished another book. This one as you can see higher is called Dangerous women.

Book: Dangerous women

Author(editors): George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

Genre: Science fiction/Fantasy

Pages: 784

This is book that was edited by the two people above. Otherwise it is written by 20 people who contributed with their short stories. While all stories revolve around different time and different people they have one thing in common, they are about how women are dangerous.

The book was great. I can pick about 1 or 2 stories that were kind of weird and I did not really understand them but otherwise, good job.

For example 1st story is about young woman who is trying to escape because there is lot of money promised for her head. 3 men catch up with her in streets of empty village, the poor guys end up horribly.

Other story is about women that has Alzheimer and her son wants to put her in old folks home, that one was quite impressive. One speaks about queen in exile or post-apocalyptic world where most women can not have children due to some virus.

My most favorite one was by George R. R. Martin.. he also wrote Song of Ice and Fire which is my favorite series and this short story was about Dance with Dragons, war that happened way before SoIaF did (130 years or so). The one that I will share with you is different one though, it is called Shadows for Silence in Forest of Hell (translated by me).

It tells story of a widow that takes care of her children and owns inn that is very important place for anybody moving around that area. She lives in Forest of Hell which is a place that is full of shadows, everybody seems to become shadow when they die. These shadows are scary but harmless if you do not break one of three rules:

Do not run
Do not make a fire
Do not spill blood

If you provoke them you will probably die. Once they touch you, your flesh dries and dies. Only thing that works against them is silver and silver has HUGE value. If it is not late you can even cure the wounds using silver dust.

This inn is of course protected by silver because the shadows are everywhere. At the same time Silence (the widow) does not have much money and she is in debt to one guy from outside of this creepy place. To feed her children and keep guests save she catches thiefs and criminals and then through the person that she is in debt with she brings them to justice earning part of the money for their head.

Once such a group of well-known criminals comes into her inn. She lets them eat there but mixes potion that will make them weaker into their meal. (The Forest is a good place for such people to live in since there are not many authorities) In the night she tracks them down and with the help of one of her older daughters she takes them all down without catching attention of any shadow, though it is quite close. When they move the bodies, mostly suffocated people, they clash with a group that steals these bodies which is basically fatal for Silence as she knows that she is basically out of money. With trick she gets them back but one of the enemies scratches softly the neck of her daughter which makes the shadows crazy. In the end the daughter almost dies and she needs amputation of arm and leg.. Silence is also able to get rid of the person that was blackmailing her.

Amazing, I loved the plot.

The only thing that I found a bit annoying was that there were two stories with basically the same setting, the one with Alzheimer and one with old women taking care of their mum who has dementia.. but hey, you can not have all stories bringing completely new stuff!


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Book review 8) The Picture of Dorian Gray

today I will do another book review, this time not very scientific book but otherwise very good one, the novel by Oscar Wilde. Also I was nominated for Liebster Award but it wont fit in this post so I will probably do separate one.

Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Author: Oscar Wilde

Genre: Philosophical fiction

Pages: 165

Rating: 9.5/10

The Picture of Dorian Gray is dark classical novel with an amazing idea that may left you shivering.There is also amazing scene where chemistry is involved (they are getting rid of dead body 😉 )

So this is story of young man who as you probably guessed is walking by the name Dorian Gray. He is quite handsome, apparently innocent and unspoiled by the modern society. (The story takes place in late 19th century England). In the first chapter Basil Halward who is painter, talks to Henry Wotton who later becomes Dorian’s best friend. He describes Dorian and says that he is inspired by him for his artwork.

Basil soon finishes portait of Dorian, it is definitely his best work which becomes somehow deeply connected with Dorian.

As the story advances Dorian’s personality changes. He is greatly influenced by Henry and his world views, when he does something he soon forgets and one of his mottos is not be disturbed by things that happened in the past and actually completely ignore them.

I really liked the idea in this book. The only thing that I think could be different was the time lay out. When the story starts, it describes day by day but then after one act there is big jump about 13 years later. I do not know why but it kind of destroys the first part of the book. The end follows few weeks or months and I would probably like it more if it was not jumping so much. It could even be thicker so the change in Dorian’s personality would be even more graduall.


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