What could happen to our Universe: Heat death

today I am coming with second option for end of our Universe. This one is probably little better since there is nothing ripped apart.

Because most of stuff which is going on in our Universe happens in stars, atoms are slowly decaying into radiation.
That is because of process called thermonuclear reaction which is happening in all stars. Below is scheme of what is going on when two hydrogen atoms merge up together at very high temperatures. Most of energy is decayed in form of gamma rays and then some in neutrinos. This stuff will eventually fly around and it wont ever be used up again.

After lot of generations of stars there will be no more gas to form new ones and all of the energy will be equally spread out which would mean maximum entropy in our Universe. No new reactions and nothing more happening here.


What could happen to our Universe: The Big Rip

before I continue with Apollo missions I will write something short about Space, this time what will happen to it.

There are three main hypothesis and in this post I will write about The Big Rip (TBR).t_{rip} - t_{0} \approx \frac{2}{3|1+w|H_0\sqrt{1-\Omega_m}}

Firstly I heard about it in the TV but it was not explained very well so I had to search on internet… i greatly recommend video by Kurzgesagt (its in english) and it summarizes perfectly what next posts will be about.

So TBR is theory about end of Universe  For the first time it was published in 2003.

It bases on the expansion of Universe which would increase over time so that observable Universe would shrink into area smaller than anything: atoms, quarks or even hypothethical preons so that no interaction would be possible. Everything would be torn apart because it would not be gravitationaly bounded.

This bases on thing called phantom energy (kind of dark energy) which would have “w” smaller than -1 (ratio between dark energy pressure and energy density).

In aprox. 22 billions years there would be nothing like Universe.