WTF? A conspiracy?

ok, hi here it took some time but I finally thought that this blog needs some post about conspiracies.

Fine, about month ago I found out that I know few people who really like conspiracies.
I was very surprised because they were totally amused by them and I was like: “Are you kidding me? What is this ****?
Ok first I found out that they deny terrorist attack on the September 2001.
I swallowed, and then “Ok really you deny two huge buildings falling and killing hella people?”

It did not end like that, what pissed me of even more since I love astronomy was that they think that Apollo 11 never landed on the Moon.. ok like really? One of their arguments was that we can not pass alive through Van Allen belts.
As is this lady explaining, you can (there is more stuff in the comment section (and also conspiracy people)).

Anyway on the picture you can see next level conspiracy.

Nevertheless those are another things in the comment section of NASA video that I found (look again on the comment section).

Ok fine now there arises the question which I will let be opened: “How did these people came to those ideas of such conspiracies?”

That´s for me the end today.

8 thoughts on “WTF? A conspiracy?

  1. abyssbrain says:

    Saying that 9/11 didn’t happen is pure bullshit. Are they even there during that day? While I didn’t personally witnessed it, I was in New York when it happened, so I was able to see the aftermath of it. Also, I dare those conspiracy theories to say that it didn’t happen in the face of those people who lost their families and friends to that terrorist attack.

    Yes, there are people who really don’t believe that Armstrong and co. went to the moon… but it’s not that surprising actually if you consider other conspiracy theorists who believe that the moon is fake! They said that the moon is just a form of hologram or some crap like that.

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